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Work As Art

San Juan Islands in Puget Sound from Mt. Constitution
San Juan Islands in Puget Sound


The fresh air, clean rain, plentiful sunshine, and good earth of our San Juan Island home contribute to our health and well-being every day.  The beauty of the Pacific Northwest surrounds and shapes us–our thoughts, our dreams, our art and our work.

San Juan Pasta Company is both our art and our work:  fresh pasta and sauces, made the old-fashioned way starting with fresh ingredients, experience and time.  We make pasta from farm-fresh eggs, purified water and non-GMO durum semolina grown by family farms using sustainable farming practices.  We craft ravioli fillings using fresh vegetables and cheeses, some locally grown and produced, some imported, but always the best flavor and food value we can get.  Our kitchen garden provides most of the herbs and spices we use to flavor our pasta, sauces, and butters.   We strive to create food that is bursting with natural flavor, satisfying textures and aromas, and good nutrition for you and your family and friends.

Whether you are creating a celebration feast for a crowd or a bowl of noodles for yourself, San Juan Pasta Company will dish up the best, every time.